A Definite History of Lead Singers Yelling “Guitar!” Right Before a Guitar Solo, Part 4

Click here for Part 3 (which will lead you back to Parts 2 and 1 as well)

It’s Friday night and the Lil’ Dogg just wants to rock it! Or make that “Rocket! Yeah!”

So far we have uncovered a wide variety of ways in which singers throughout the decades have intoned to their axe man to get busy on the six strings but no matter how deep we dig we keep uncovering new original nuggets. And today we have a really doozy.

No clue how this Def Leppard classic slipped through the cracks of our “Guitar!” journey seeing as its the VERY FIRST WORD singer Joe Elliott utters in the song. Elliott also follows up his “Guitar!” with a call out to the drums but this being Def Leppard that makes total sense.

The song itself is one of Def Leppard’s more underrated jams in this pup’s opinion and certainly gets lost amidst all the otherworldly hits off Hysteria. The tune is a roll call of British Rock History calling out everyone from the Beatles to Bowie to T. Rex and even Elton John and features a great shuffle rhythm the even more impressive by the fact that this was post arm loss for drummer Rick Allen.

And perhaps most glorious of all:

Joe Elliott’s mullet. There are mullets and then there are Capital M Mullets and this bad boy is up there with peak Jaromir Jagr and Billy Ray Cyrus in terms of All-Time Mullets.

So chalk up another one to the list. No matter the decade or the hair style it’s always nice to be reminded that it’s time to “Rocket! Yeah!”

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