Hi-Top Top 5 Things the Boston Red Sox Should Try to Keep the 2021 Season Interesting

Let’s face it folks, the Boston Red Sox are going to straight up stink in 2021.

Now as a card carrying member of the (Boston via) San Diego Super Padres fan club the Lil’ Dogg could care less where the Sox end up in the standings. But as a Boston resident who will be subjected to unending local RedSox coverage I would at least like the upcoming BoSox season to interesting on whatever level it can be. Now we know it won’t be interesting on a competition level so instead it’s time to make things interesting on an entertainment level.

The following 5 gentle suggestions for keep things worth watching throughout the summer run the gambit from “off the wall wacky” to “why the hell don’t they do this it’s so obvious”. Here we go:

Hi-Top Top 5 Things the Boston Red Sox Should Try to Keep Things Interesting in 2021

5. Update the Logo

When you can’t win on the field it’s best to win on the runway. If you can’t play good, at least you can look good. The problem is in 100+ years the Red Sox have NEVER looked good. The Boston “B” is classic for sure – classically boring. And that’s okay. You want your main mark to be classy and traditional.

It’s your alternate logos that should contain the pizzazz. And the alternate “stocking” logo is straight doo doo folks. It’s beyond time to try something new in the logo department. Obviously you’re kinda hemmed in by the “Red Sox” name so you really need to think out of the box (or Sox) here. Do I have any suggestions? No I do not. But the boring ass Red Sox look sorely needs a jolt of something.

4. Put a Hill in Centerfield

You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!

Those few fleeting years when the Astros had a hill in centerfield were some wild wacky times.

This could totally work in the Fenway centerfield triangle area. Combine a hill with the Monster and opposing teams would be absolutely lost in the outfield.

3. Run Run Run

You know the team stinks. You’ve traded away all the good players. When you know you have a talent deficit the only thing to do is resort to gimmicks. Hit n Run. Double steals. Safety Squeezes. Suicide Squeezes. All the Squeezes. Bunt. Steal. Go Go Go at all times. Find the fastest 9 guys you can and everyone has a green light at all times.

2. Pillbox Hats

These hats are DOPE. Though in keeping with #5 up top I’d go with an updated logo and not the ugly stockings or boring B. But Pillbox would be a serious statement to change up the staid, tired and thoroughly UNINTERESTING uniform looks the Red Sox (and all of Boston sports) are known for. I got a need, a need for Pillbox.

1. Play the Kids

Duran, Downs, Casas, Jimenez, Mata – bring ‘em all up to the show. Let the kids play. The Minor Leagues are going to be another year of disasters, COVID will continue to wreck havoc.

Why waste a year of development when you can throw these guys right into the fire and see who’s made of what? Yes I know there’s Years of Service bull shit to think of but if you honestly want to prove to the fan base that you are thinking of the future then show the fans what the future can look like.

Facts is facts and the fact is that the Red Sox 2021 season is already a disaster and it isn’t even March yet so why not have some fun along the way and shake things up.

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