Hi-Top Top 5 – Sweetest Swings in Baseball History

Today’s frigid morning temps had us here at Hi-Top HQ dreaming of the halcyon days of warm sunshine with the smell of peanuts and the crack of a wooden bat wafting through the air.

Spring is oh so close yet seems so far away. In short we have Base Ball on the mind.

We’ve covered the Top 5 Coolest Batting Stances in a previous post and now it’s time to look at the Five Sweetest Swings of All-Time.

In terms of a pure, sweet stroke of the bat it doesn’t matter how you start (tho a cool starting stance helps) it only matters how you move through that precious hitting zone. These five fellas possessed that rare ability to swoop through the zone in a way that was both powerful and effortless, connecting with the pitched ball in the heart of the sweet spot of the bat and following through with grace and beauty. A purely hit baseball is a true rarity and when these guys did it they elevated a mere sport to high art.

Hi-Top Top 5 Sweetest Swings in Major League Baseball

5. Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn’s swing was a master class in complete control. He knew exactly where he wanted to put the ball and then did it. Over and over again. Just an effortless, compact, precision swing.

4. Will Clark

Not only did The Thrill hit his first career ding dong in his first Major League at bat but he did it off Nolan Ryan to boot.

3. Dave Parker

First off it’s a gotdamn CRIME that Dave Parker is not in the Hall of Fame. Just look at this man:

Baddest Mofo to ever play ball right there. Secondly, is there anything better than a HUGE lefty? Love a huge lefty at the plate. Dave Parker just had IT. I don’t know what IT is but Parker had it and he overflowed with it at all times. The dude was just damn cool.

2. Ken Griffey Jr.

Smooth. There really is no other word to describe The Kid’s swing. And his whole everything really. Smooth. Griffey Jr. was smooth personified.

1. Darryl Strawberry

“Darryl! Darryl!”

Young Strawberry was just different. Long and lanky, with that loopy swing I swear his bat traces in a perfect circle. His swing was geometry and poetry colliding into one. Beauty + Sport = Art. Darryl Strawberry in his youth at the plate was Picasso with a Louisville Slugger in his hand. Painting masterpieces with every moonshot home run.

Extra Bonus – Keith Jackson on the call for that Mets-Astros NLCS matchup. God I love hearing that man’s voice.

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