Cards Part 2 – Are Your Old Cards Worth Real Money? Kinda.

Welcome to Part 2 of Lil’ Dogg’s adventures in the Sport card world. Now we are going to talk about old cards. Are they worth digging out of your parents attic? Maybe.

Up top here we have a smattering of NBA Hoops cards from the Lil’ Dogg’s personal stash. Pretty run of the mill stuff but featuring some Hall of Fame players. Are they worth anything? I’m talking real cash. The answer – yes and no.

To quote our resident Hi-Top curmudgeon Le Cap – “If it ain’t Mint, it ain’t shit.”

This is mostly true except when it isn’t. That Larry Bird All-Star card up there goes for $30 graded Mint. That’s pretty pretty good. Ungraded? Less than a dollar. And there in lies the rub.

Right now graded cards are everything. My cards maybe be Mint (there not) but I’ll never know cuz getting a card graded right now is like a years long wait. The grading companies of which there are like three total and only one that really matters – PSA – are inundated with cards. And unless you are some big deal card mover and shaker you are not getting your shit graded. So you might have some valuable stuff lying around but good luck ever cashing in.

Unless you have one of the Holy Grails. NBA cards are super hot right now. If there was any doubt that Basketball is the new National Pasttime that argument has been sealed by card prices. If you happen to have some Hall of Fame level guys first second or even third year cards those are going for Big Bucks right now even Raw (ungraded).

So is your old box of junk hiding some nuggets of gold? Possibly. Possibly in deed.

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