GreenTeamers Report – Late Night Celtics get the Dub Over Dubs

🚨GreenTeamers Report🚨

Long time, no see. Hopefully you’ve all been listening to the Pod which of course is at the top of ALL the Podcasting charts that matter.

Celtics 111 Warriors 107

The Boston Celtics started a Left Coast swing last night with a solid victory over Golden State. All the usually studs had their usual highlights:

But to changing things up Grant Williams got in on the fun and had himself a night:

Williams went 3-3 from behind the arc and kicked in 15 points for the cause. You gotta love that. Williams showed real promise as a Rook and it’s nice to see him making significant contributions. He’s shooting lights out from 3 – 11th in THE WHOLE DAMN LEAGUE!!!!! If he continues at that level your talking about an elite “3 AND D” guy here. Yes please.

Next Stop Sac Town

GreenTeamer sources say the RETURN OF LIL’ PP is imminent and might come as soon as tonight against the Kings!!!!! Rejoice!!!! Rejoice!!!!

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