Hi-Top Golf – Cheater Patrick Reed, Does Exactly What Patrick Reed Does – Cheats Again


For those living under a sand trap, perpetual cheater Patrick Reed claimed he had an “embedded” ball and took a sweatheart drop on the 10th hole of the Farmers today. He did not wait for a rules official to make this call. No Reed simply picked up his ball before anyone else could look at it then strong armed the official into getting the drop. Which was of course preceded by Reed stomping all over the grass in the drop area. Because of course.

Honestly this has become exhausting. Kyle Porter sums it all up right here:

When this happens over and over and over it’s no longer a coincidence. It’s not “bad luck”. It’s not anything but CHEATING.

Patrick Reed is the antithesis of what golf is “supposed to be about” but the PGA Tour absolutely refuses to do anything about it. He is never punished, never held accountable. And frankly at this point other players need to step up and publicly call him out. It’s absurd. All of this is on camera for everyone to see and the Tour still won’t do anything.

Shame on Patrick Reed. And shame on the PGA Tour.

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