RIPIP to the True HR King – Henry “Hank” Aaron – Hi-Top Top 5 Absurd Things Happening During Aaron’s 715th Home Run

Henry “Hank” Aaron has passed on to the Great Diamond in the Sky today. He was 86.

There will be, rightfully so, a lot written about Hank Aaron. What the man endured to be able to pass Babe Ruth and become baseball’s All-Time Home Run leader was truly something remarkable. Better and more qualified writers than I will do Aaron’s life justice in print.

So instead Hi-Top will do what Hi-Top does best and delve into the utter insanity that surrounded Aaron’s 715th lap around the bases.

April 8, 1974

Sit back and marvel at this circus:

Hi-Top Top 5 Absurd Things Happening During Hank Aaron’s 715th Home Run

5. Autograph Guy

First off, the security provided by the Atlanta Braves on this night seems to be shall we say…lax. Anyone and everyone seem to have the green light to go on to the field of play at will. More on that later but right now we are focusing on Autograph Guy. What is this dude’s deal? He’s hell bent on getting Aaron’s John Hancock, so much that his actually trying to interrupt a hug between a mother and a son who just did the most historic thing that could happen on a ball field. He appears to be wearing a Braves jacket but there is no indication that he is there in any official capacity. He’s certainly not acting that way. Look, the Lil’ Dogg has a low opinion of autograph seekers to start, like if you are older than 12 and asking for an adult’s autograph maybe take a look in the mirror and reassess your life. But this guy has to be the worst offender of all-time. You thought interrupting someone’s dinner for an autograph was bad, how about interrupting a Mother-Son hug????

4. The Pitch

I’m not accusing Dodgers pitcher Al Downing of tanking or anything but I’m not not saying it either. This pitch was as lollipop as they come. Waist high, middle of the plate going about 78 mph. Cupcake city of a pitch.

3. Vin Scully

God bless Vin Scully and his ability to never let a moment go on un-said. Hey guy, maybe let the moment breathe, let the enormity of the situation speak for itself??? Nah. Why do that when you can go on a 2 minute tangent about how Babe Ruth was so fat the Yankees changed their uniform to try to hide his obesity.

2. This Guy

What exactly is going on here? I know the early 70s was a hot bed time for Native American rights. Brando was sending Tribal Leaders to accept Oscars and what not but is this guy an official representative of some tribe? Or is he just another of the million people allowed at home plate? Which brings me to…

1. These 2 Jamokes

Henry Aaron had been getting death threats for years as he got closer and closer to catching and passing Ruth. Yet here we have two dudes just unencumbered, casually strolling right up to and putting their hands on Aaron. If I was watching this live I’d be in utter shock just waiting for one of these idiots to pull a gun or something. Thankfully they just wanted to congratulate him but jeez Louise is it amazing how this goes down. And then they just peel off in opposite directions with apparently no security in sight. Did they just jump back in to the stands and finish their hot dogs??? Where is the security???? It’s not like this wasn’t happening right in the middle of the most turbulent time in American history with people getting assassinated left and right???? Malcolm X and Martin Luther King had been murdered like what 6 years earlier. The Vietnam War is still raging. Nothing good is happening and yet the Braves are throwing free admission Meet & Greet at home plate. Absolute insanity. But I guess in the end nothing bad happened so…

Anywhooo RIPIP to Henry “Hank” Aaron, a man who lived a truly exceptional life.

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