NCAA Goes Out of Their Way to Screw Up the Last Good Thing in College Sports

March Madness. So pure. So simple. So perfect.

It would take a team of UTTER MORONS to screw up March Madness, right?



All it takes is the NCAA.

Thursday-Saturday and Friday-Sunday.

NOT I repeat NOT Monday. And NOT Tuesday.


Look I get it. Safety. Protocols. All the BULLSHIT that the NCAA is gonna spew about protecting players. Listen if the NCAA ever gave 1% of 1% of a shit about their “Student Athletes” they wouldn’t have been using them as indentured servants for the last 75 years.

You are already saying you’re gonna create a “bubble” situation in Indianapolis. And I get trying to condense the schedule. So here you go, let the Lil’ Dogg fix this for ya:

First you dump the “First Four. Nobody wants these games anyways. 64 teams was perfect. Go back to 64.

Now we can keep the traditional first and second round schedules. No need to mess with perfection.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Here’s where the Lil’ Dogg shows off the BIG BRAIN.

Sweet 16 on Thursday the 25th. All of the Sweet 16. Yes. Play all 8 games on the 25th. Then you turn around and play the Elite Eight on Friday, Final Four on Saturday and The Championship Game on Sunday.

4 Days. 15 games. The NCAA would absolute own the World of Sport for four straight days. It would truly be basketball Madness. People would love it. They would flip. Pure hoops junk shot straight into the veins for 4 days.

It’s so simple. Too simple. So instead we get games on a Tuesday night.

Death. Taxes. And the NCAA screwing shit up. Always and forever.

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