A Definitive History of Lead Singers Yelling “Guitar!” Right Before a Guitar Solo, Part 3

*ICYMI Click For Parts 1 and 2*

The search for lead singers yelling “Guitar!” before a guitar solo is not just some idle Lil’ Dogg pursuit. It is more than an obsession. It just may be the lifeblood of this pup’s existence. The hunt is ALWAYS on. And today we have a couple of doozies.

First up we have perhaps the most sneaky “Guitar!” ever laid to tape. It’s blink and you miss it appearance takes place at the 2:31 mark in the oh so 1991 hit “Everything About You”:

I will freely and unabashedly admit to being completely FASCINATED by Ugly Kid Joe. They exist in this post-Hair Metal pre-Grunge moment in time that makes almost no sense whatsoever. Supposedly the band name came from them pissing on the Hair Metal wannabes Pretty Boy Floyd which is awesome. The vocals are very Hair Metal but the music is not. The Faith No More influence is undeniable. They have all the chops in the world but use them to write songs like this and do a “Cats in the Cradle” cover. Then they disappear. Poof. Gone.

Next up we have perhaps the most everything “Guitar!” of all-time. Yes it is of course The Darkness:

What can you really even say about The Darkness 20 odd years later???? All I know is this song kicks major ass and even if the whole thing was one big wink-wink-nudge-nudge joke or whatever, the guitars are huge, the song is catchy as hell and if you can’t have a good time listening to this then I can’t help you.

And so we add two more utterly unique in their own weird way “Guitar!” to our ever expanding cannon.

And the search continues…

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