Seriously Interested: A Red Sox Winter

Are you a baseball player? Not satisfied with your current situation? Looking for a place to play???

Well then, we know someone who is SERIOUSLY interested in you….


The Boston Red Sox are lighting up the otherwise cold Hot Stove this season, with their record setting amount of interest in roster moves. I’ve been a real true Sox fan since 1986, and I’ve never in my life seen this franchise pay this much attention to players whom are available. If you’ve been on Boston Sports twitter over the past 2 months, you know exactly what I’m talking about:

Unfortunately for the fans, it seems all the outgoing calls from Jersey Street are to members of the Red Sox Media Cartel, and they aren’t reaching any agents or other front offices, because the only move they’ve made is to sign the ghost of Matt Andriese. A once-mediocre Starter who never lived up to his limited ceiling, and now boasts “versatility” (aka: probably won’t be good enough to start).

They have made ZERO moves of any significance, and insist on selling the load of bullshit that they are trying. You know how I know? Because there are no offers leaked. No details. No word from agents. It’s all from Red Sox lackeys.

Now look, I ended up signing on for the Betts trade, to help rebuild a decimated farm. I excused the “Payroll Flexibility” plan, because I know they needed to reset the clock in order to effectively build a winner. But the caveats for me were, sign up Devers long term right now (they have not), and take you’re newly found financial freedom and put together a pitching staff. You don’t even need to go after high-priced guys; take some shots; just don’t shop in the $2 bin. It’s on this front, where they have really failed.

Covid uncertainty should be a benefit for the Sox…they have money. Chaim just needs to spend it. But instead, they’re FUCKING pretending. And collecting Free Agency Runner Up banners. The sad part is, some “fans” are falling for it.

The only reason this isn’t a complete disaster is that a majority of teams have been sitting on their hands as well. But they should be using this time to take advantage of the league, not sit on their ass.

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