GreenTeamers Report – A Lil’ PP In the Hole – Pritchard Gets Game Winner for Boston in Miami

The Celtics win the game! The Celtics win the game!

I think it’s safe to say we all needed a little jolt of sunshine into the darkness of yesterday and leave to a lil’ PP from Oregon to provide that joy.

The C’s were once again led by the Dynamic Duo of Jay & Jay who poured in a combined 48 of Boston’s 107 points but it was lil’ PP who stepped in to play hero after an otherwise rough night shooting, he was just 3-10 from the field. But legends make things happen and PP was Johnny on the Spot putting back Marcus’s missed layup. Let’s just agree to table the discussion on why Marcus has the ball in his hands at that moment and just commend PP for getting in the paint and making a play.

That’s what you want from your PP folks, getting all up in the mix, worming around and making things happen. Love to see it!

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