Battle of the Rock Stars’ Sons – Slash & Weiland’s Kids’ New Band vs Wolfgang Van Halen

People tend to roll their eyes very hard whenever a famous actor or musician’s offspring follow in their footsteps into the Entertainment Biz. And it’s unjustly so, in the Lil’ Dogg’s not so humble opinion. Nobody bats an eye when a doctor’s kid goes to med school or a baker’s daughter takes over the family store. But godforbid a singer’s kid who was blessed with Rock Star genes decides to pursue a musical career. These kids are the progenies of artistic greatness so why shouldn’t they be allowed to shine a light on their own talents?

And on the flip side if a Rock Star kid does go public with their musical output then it is only fair that they be judged on a sliding scale that might be a tad bit harsher than your usual “new band” snap judgment. With every blessing comes a curse and these kids may be blessed with their parents gifts but are cursed to forever be compared to those very same gifts.

Today we are looking at a whole smorgasbord of Rock Star kids.

First up is a band called Suspect 208. This suspect-ly named group features not one not two but three Rock Star kids – Slash’s son London is on drums, Scott Weiland’s kid Noah on Vocals and Metallica’s Robert Trujillo’s son Tye on bass. Apparently CeCe DeVille’s kids must be busy cuz on guitar is just a rando civilian named Niko. Here’s Suspect 208’s debut single:

Next we have Wolfgang Van Halen’s first public output since his legendary father Eddie’s passing.


Both tunes have a decidedly throwback “Rock” sound which given the pedigree is not unexpected. On initial listen this pup has to give the edge to Suspect 208. Scott Weiland may have been an all-time dirtbag as a person but there was no denying his pipes and it seems his kid Noah is a pretty decent chip off the old man’s block. His voice is strong and familiar without being a carbon copy knockoff. The song “All Black” is no classic but it does have a catchy riff and I dig the tempo changes.

On the flip side Wolfie’s ode to his father is a bland ballad called “Distance”. While the video of home movies featuring father and son is quite touching, the song itself sounds like the worst version of some boring late 90s pseudo “metal” band like Staind or Stone Sour or some shit like that. This song is the epitome of blahhhhh. It sounds like something a contestant on The Voice would bust out as their “special original song”. It’s not bad per se it’s just the dictionary definition of vanilla. There’s no there there, if you catch my drift.

Winner – Suspect 208

These dudes aren’t reinventing Rock N Roll but at least they are actually playing instruments and attempting to “ROCK!”. A for effort there dudes! And while this particular song isn’t going to set the world on fire like “Welcome to the Jungle” or “Interstate Love Song” it is at least interesting. And in the current state of Rock N Roll that’s not half bad.

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