GreenTeamers Report – Jaylen Brown Has a NIGHT!

A career high night for JB as the Celtics rout the Memphis Grizz at home. Brown was just a killer on the offensive end, shooting lights out from 3, scoring from a variety of ways in the paint, put backs, floaters, his J looks extraordinarily smooth this season:

Just a master class in scoring from JB last night.

And the rest of the Celtics weren’t half bad either. This was easily the most dominant performance of the young season, no duh, but the important factor is that this was on the second half of back-to-back games after a tough hard fought win over the Pacers. An energy let down could have been easily expected. But instead the C’s came out firing to put up a cool 67 points in the first half. That’s what you want to see after a Pacers game where they had to fight and claw out a comeback W. That’s a winners mentality right there folks. Love to see it.

Next up, 2 in Detroit to kick off 2021.

Let’s keep the party rolling.

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