GreenTeamers Report – Boston Celtics Puke & Rally in Nap Town

The Boston Celtics puked all over the basketball court for 3 Quarters in Indianapolis only to pull off an amazing 4th Quarter Rally to win by 5 in their second matchup with the Pacers.

Taco Jay played 40 minutes and led all scorers with 27. The kid may only be 19 years old but grinding him 40 minutes a night is not good for anyone. This was after a rest day where they had been in the same city for three days so maybe that’s the plan – heavier load coming off rest days? But until (if?) Kemba comes back other guys are going to have to do more to help shoulder the load.

And in this win that “other guy” was non other than Mr. Steal Ya Ball™️ (Cease & Desist NBCSN) Payton Pritchard.

Pritchard played 27 high energy minutes off the bench, shot an efficient 4-8 and chipped in 10 points. There’s was ALOT of praise heaped on the rookie after the game and while Pritchard has exceeded all expectations and then some, let’s not get too crazy here. We all know Boston loves a hardworking, tough, energetic…ummm gritty….umm did I say hardworking…white guy but he is still a rookie playing limited minutes.

But then again how else do you describe a play like this other than tough, hardworking and makes the right play:

Another guy making significant contributions is Robert Williams III. He only played 11 minutes but he was 4-4 for 8 points and a +10 on the night. While he may not have made The Leap yet, Mr. Lord is making tiny leaps each night plays effectively and helps the team win.

That’s a wrap from the Nap. Next up the Celtics touch down in the Land of the Delta Blues in the middle of the pouring rain then it’s on to MoTown for a 2 game series with the Pistons.

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