2020 Continues to Confound as Apparently Hum Released a New Album and Nobody Told Me

There’s very few perfect works of art. And that’s a good thing. Perfection is overrated. The beauty is in the mess.

But sometimes perfection can be beautiful.

The cult space rock band Hum has two perfect works of art under their lunar utility belts. The first is the the 1995 song “Stars”:

Yes that song. That’s Hum. “Stars” was a minor radio hit and a major Howard Stern obsession:

“Stars” was the first single off Hum’s major label album You’d Prefer an Astronaut and it lead to some moderate 90s era success for the band – some late night TV gigs, MTV AirPlay, a great Beavis & Butthead clip – the type of things that could only happen in the 90s for a nerdy space obsessed rock band.

Hum disappeared for a year or two (an eternity back then) and reappeared in 1998 to release their second work of perfect art – this a time a full album entitled Downward is Heavenward.

Every single sound, every note, every drum hit on Heavenward was painstakingly agonized over. And it shows. Each track on the album is distinct yet obviously part of a whole. Sure you could handpick and enjoy a single track like “Green to Me”

But to truly appreciate the perfection of Heavenward as a work of art it must be consumed whole.

Heavenward unfortunately didn’t just underperform as a commercial album it completely tanked, selling less than 50,000 copies compared to 250,000 for their previous effort. 1998 was Korn and Marilyn Manson and rap rock and angry dudes getting angry. 1998 was not the year to release a sonically dense space rock opera, 3098 maybe but definitely not 1998.

And so Hum disappeared again. For real this time. Sure there were some occasional one off gigs over the years and always long shot rumors and cryptic hints about reunions and new albums but it was all pipe dreams for the faithful.

Right? Right?? Right???

Apparently not. Apparently all that was need to reform one of the greatest cult rock bands of all-time was just a little global pandemic. APPARENTLY Hum released Inlet back in June and NOBODY TOLD ME!!!!!

The Lil’ Dogg is holding each and every one of you responsible for this gross oversight. This slight will not be forgotten but in the meantime excuse me while I blast off to space.

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