GreenTeamers Report – Jayson Tatum, We Need to Have a Talk

My fellow GreenTeamers, we are gathered here today for a very important reason. Our dear leader, Taco Jay, Jayson Tatum needs an intervention.

He’s addicted to shooting Step-Back 3’s in “big moment” situations.

The Step-Back has become not only his go-to move but also unfortunately his default move. His only move really. If Tatum has the ball in a “need a bucket” moment he goes with the Step-Back. He knows it. We know it. The defender knows it.

This is a problem. A big problem.

Sure it’s great to have “ a move”. But not when it’s your only move. And especially when it’s a move that takes you farther AWAY from the basket than closer to it.

7.7 seconds. That’s how much time the Celtics had at the start of their final possession. That’s an eternity of time in a one possession basketball game. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ONLY NEED 1 POINT!


Take the ball strong to the basket. Make the defense react then either go up and force the Refs to make a decision or you spot an open teammate.

These are basketball basics.

The question is what is going on in the Time Out huddle? Is Coach Brad drawing up some specific action that is getting ignored by Tatum? There’s obviously the intent to get the ball to him but then what? If it’s a player option situation and Tatum continues to opt to taking a 30 foot 3 when you only need a 2 then that’s something that Brad needs to deal with. Get someone else the ball who will drive to the hoop and maybe hit a spot-up open Tatum for a jumper. A normal jumper. Don’t get me wrong here – Tatum shooting is good. Easily the best thing offensively the Celtics can do is have Tatum shoot. But it has to be the right shot. A Step-Back is very rarely the right shot. And certainly not a 30 foot Step-Back when a foul shot to tie and 2 to win is all you need.

Item #2 on the Agenda – Please Credit Hi-Top

Notice the time stamps there. Hi-Top dubbed Payton Pritchard “Mr. Steal Ya Ball”. We own that. And now here’s Big Corporate NBCSN monetizing our Intellectual Property in a ad with some second rate phone company. That’s some cock and bull right there GreenTeamers.

🐓 and 🐂.

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