GreenTeamers Report – Boston Celtics beat Milwaukee Bucks

They said it couldn’t be done! They said there was no chance. They said this bunch of ragtag castoffs got never defeat a team lead by the Greek Freak.

Well boy were “they” wrong!

Boston Wins! Boston Wins! Boston Wins!

Bucks 121 Celtics 122

Any vestiges of preseason rust were quickly wiped away as Boston hung tight with the Bucks throughout the First Half and seemingly blew the game wide open in the Third. Of course this is the NBA so there was no doubt that the Bucjs wouldn’t make a run of their own. And frankly Boston was thoroughly outplayed in the Fourth but instead of folding they fought back just enough to give themselves a shot at a win. And what a shot it was:

He didn’t call bank but he did call game. Or did he cuz then the unthinkable happened. With 0.4 seconds on the clock a Hail Mary desperation alley-oop was a prayer answered by the Refs:

But as we all know – BALL DON’T LIE!

Giannis could only make 1 of 2 Free Throws and the Celtics grab the W by the skin of their teeth.

Star of the Game

Taco Jay may have hit the game winner but the guy who kept the Celtics from completely going off the rails in the Second Half was Jaylen Brown.

JB dropped a “Larry Bird Special” on the Bucks and seemed to hit clutch shot after clutch shot whenever the C’s needed to stop a Bucks run.

Tatum was right there with 30 of his own and the duo made some Celtics history on Opening Night:

But after the extra rough two preseason games by JB sone were questioning that he might struggle to start the season. Well the answer is a certified no. Brown looked great.

Marcus Smart Memorial Marcus Smart of the Night Award

This one goes to non other than Mr. Marcus Smart who drew not one, not two, BUT THREE charges on Giannis. Listen folks – Marcus is gonna Marcus and there’s nothing you or I or even the Greek Freak is gonna do about it.

Pleasant Surprises

Jeff Teague and Tristan Thompson seem to fit this team like a nice warm Snuggie. Teague might never miss from 3 and Tristan showed a nice touch in the lane and some much need paint presence on D. Did Danny Deals do it again or did Danny Deals do it again? Yes and yes!

Up Next – Christmas Day vs Brooklyn Nets

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