GreenTeamers Report – Opening Night of the New Boston Celtics Season is Here

Like the legendary Rod Stewart once asked – Can you feel it in the air tonight?

It’s Opening Night Baby! Let’s Go!

The Boston Celtics start the 2020-21 NBA season at home taking on the Milwaukee Bucks, owners of both last season’s best record and most ignominious exit from the playoffs.

Let’s be honest here folks. We’re all together, safe in the GreenTeamers Trust Tree, we can open up about our feelings and be true to ourselves and each other – the preseason as it was, was not good. Two very bad games, played very badly. And it’s quite possible that the behind of the real season could continue in this manner. Two games and few weeks is no way to prepare for real live “Go Time” basketball. Things could get ugly quickly….

….but here’s the rub. Everyone is in the same boat. And in regards to the Bucks specifically they also lost both of their preseason games very badly. They are also bringing in new players. Sure they have Giannis and his now very heavily loaded pockets of cash but this is still a young team learning how to play together. Sound familiar.


The Opening Night Boston Celtics are gonna SHOCK THE WORLD!!!!!

I feel a Taco Jay coming out party tonight folks. I think he out plays and out scores Giannis. I think Jeff Teague is going to continue to be a pleasant surprise. I think JB is going to get his shit together in the midst of these nonsense James Harden trade rumors. The Lil’ Dogg senses that this is going to be a good night.

Who’s gonna win it?

There’s no other reason why!

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