NCAA is the WORST, Part 4080 – Coastal Carolina got SCREWED!!!!

***Be forewarned- this is a Capital R Rant that might make no sense and go in wild places****

The NCAA has been the worst for the entirety of its existence- which to be completely honest should be criminal like charge these dudes with actual crimes, criminal. But of all the shady shit these Mob Bosses have done what they just did to Coastal Carolina might be the shadiest. There’s been plenty of teams that have been screwed out of spots in March Madness or even CFB bowls and playoff spots. Teams getting screwed over is not new. And I’m not talking about Coastal not getting into the CFB playoff. If high ranking Boise St teams of the past never got in and Central Florida a few years ago didn’t get in, there’s no way Coastal was getting a spot. Hell there’s no way Cincinnati was going to get a spot and if you are saying Cincinnati isn’t as close to a major college sport program that a non Power 5 school can get then I don’t know who is. The issue here is not the playoffs. The issue is the fact that they couldn’t even give Coastal a REAL BOWL GAME. The FBC Mortgage Cure Bowl is NOT A REAL BOWL!!!!!!!!! The Fiesta, the Orange, the Cotton hell the Peach Bowl!!!!! These are real bowls. At least give Coastal the decency, the respect of being allowed to finish an unreal season, an undefeated season in something better than the FBC Mortgage Cure Bowl!!!!!!

Come On!!!!!! One time NCAA. ONE TIME!!!!!! Do the right thing. Is that too much to ask? Who am I kidding of course it is. There’s some poor kid somewhere that borrowed a buck fifty for lunch that needs to be suspended for an entire year, right.


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