The GreenTeamers Report – Send an Exorcist to the Gahhdin

Damn you Kyrie!

Well obviously Kyrie Irving placed some sort of Voodoo Spell upon the Boston Gahhdin cuz how else do you explain that performance by the Celtics.

Irving, Durant and the Brooklyn Nets thoroughly flummoxed Boston to the tune of 34.8% shooting including an absolutely dismal 8-45 from behind the three point line.

It had to be a curse cuz there’s no way we are this bad, right????????

I kid. I kid. Listen one game in the preseason is no way to judge a team. And as your friendly neighborhood pup has been telling you, my fellow GreenTeamers, we are in this one for the long haul. The beginning of the season is going to be tough for a variety of reasons – super short off season, turn around, pre-season, the Kemba Situation, etc etc.

Ask me on March 1 how I feel about this team. Until then let’s just hope for the best from night to night.

And in the meantime someone for the love of Larry Bird get an Exorcist down to Causeway Street.

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