2020 Airing of Grievances

A tradition unlike any other – the Hi-Top Airing of Grievances. It’s almost unfair to do a 2020 Airing of Grievances cuz let’s face it 2020 itself has been one big grievance. But we must preserver!

Just for sanity sake we are going to keep this COVID free – obviously anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, anyone who’s greatest hardship in life has been not being able to eat at Olive Garden 3 times a week , basically all the COVID related assholes who can go kick rocks – F you forever and you are not even worthy enough to be grieved upon. Moving on…


Netflix sucksssss. The interface is the worst and their entire “strategy” seems to be “let’s produce as much mediocre content as possible and maybe something will turn out good.” For every Queen’s Gambit there’s six dozen other pieces of utter garbage. I swear I spend more time scrolling through Netflix than actually watching anything on Netflix.

People Who Don’t Understand How a Sign & Trade Works

Not gonna name names here but you know who you are.

Slow Golfers

There’s nothing better than getting out on a nice track on a sunny day for a little round of golf. Then the group in front of you takes 20 minutes to 3-putt and get their asses off the green and the whole thing is ruined. Golf was a saving grace from insanity for many in 2020 but that quickly turned into insanity on the course. Tee times were booked out for weeks. Popping onto to your local Muni for a quick 9 was now a pipe dream. And if you were lucky enough to get on to the course, the pace of play was glacial. More people embracing golf is great and all except that it’s completely not. Get off my course. Go back to rock climbing or whatever indoor nonsense you did in 2019 and leave the duffing to the real duffers who no when to pick up the ball and get on to the next hole.


Still always and forever the absolute worst.

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