GreenTeamers Report – Boston Celtics Preseason Game 1 Review

All Rise. Let us start this gathering of the faithful by repeating the following mantra:

“Preseason Games Don’t Matter.”“Preseason Games Don’t Matter.” “Preseason Games Don’t Matter.”

Very good. Now we can begin.

I’m not gonna talk about the score. I’m not gonna talk about the U-G-L-Y basketball on display. Cuz again none of that matters. So why are we talking at all? Well there are things of consequence that can actually be gleamed from a preseason so let’s focus on gleaming that cube.

Most Surprising – Payton Pritchard in a walk. NO ONE expected Pritchard to look that comfortable on an NBA court that fast. FastPP was confident. He was in control with the ball in his hands. He made great decisions. He showed versatility in ways of putting the ball in the bucket. Look I’m not saying he’s gonna win ROY or something but for a guy that most everyone pegged as G League material this year, he looked like he can more than handle 15-20 minutes a night with the Second Unit.

Most Pleasing – Jeff Teague. Is Teague gonna go 4/4 from 3 and give you 18 a night. No? But it’s nice to see that he still has that in him at age 32. Coach Brad is a big Teague Guy and having a legit NBA PG on the roster just might turn out to be a pretty big deal.

Most Disappointing- Jaylen Brown. I hate even typing it but someone’s gotta get this award and JB was just not with it last night. All sorts of out of sorts. But again – It’s preseason. It’s preseason. It’s preseason.

Most Tacko – Tacko Fall. Call me crazy but Tacko is no longer a novelty. He’s just an NBA Big trying to improve and I see improvement. You put him on the floor and he completely alters the other team’s offense. How is that not a good weapon to have??? 7-10 minutes a game where you get to throw a 7-6 wrench out on to the court. I’m all in on Tacko being part of this team.

Most 🤷🏻‍♂️Robert Williams. TimeLord continues to be an enigma. One second it’s a complete disaster and the next moment he does this:

Most Inconclusive- Aaron The Doctor Nesmith. He didn’t get onto the court until the Third Quarter but he did tickle the twine with his first shot. He showed some hustle. Did some things beyond shooting which was nice. We just didn’t see much of The Doctor tonight. Gotta see more before a diagnosis can be made.

Final Conclusions

It’s preseason Game 1 of 2. And honestly we aren’t going to know what this team really is until February or March or hell, April. It’s a load management season. A just make the playoffs and then the season really starts sort of year. But the Boston Celtics basketball season has officially started and that’s good enough for now.

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