GreenTeamers Report – What to Watch for in Tonight’s Boston Celtics Preseason Debut

The already thin Boston Celtics Big Man Corps. will be extra thin as they kick-off their preseason tonight against the hated Philadelphia 76ers.

Tristan Thompson – Out

Daniel Mr Nice Guy Theis – Mostly Likely Out

That leaves Amile Jefferson, The TimeLord and Tacko as the only Celtics standing above 6-8. Expect plenty of Big Butt Grant Williams and the Semi Truck filling in at the Front Court spots.

The GreenTeamers eyes will be squarely on Mr. Robert Williams. There’s no question that we need to see significant growth in BooButt’s game this season. Year 3 is when you see what you really have. The TimeLord’s time is now. Make or break. Is he going to be an NBA force for real or just an occasional wonder off the bench? That question needs to be answered and answered quickly.

The preseason is the preseason for a reason. Don’t expect Tatum or Brown to go more than 15-20 minutes tonight. The final score is irrelevant. What I do want to see is Aaron Doctor Nesmith get up AT LEAST 7 three point attempts. Green light special all night long from deep. Let us see what this guy can do.

Other than that it’s really an end of the bench roster spot roulette. You can carry 15 guys this year. Romeo & Kemba are out for the foreseeable future so you basically have 3 guys – Carsen Edwards, Javonte Green and Tremont Waters battling for 2 guard spots. Normally 2nd Round Pick Payton Pritchard would be a lock to spend most of the season in the G League but with no Maine Red Claws you have to assume he gets 1 of the 15 roster spots. Let’s see what those other guys can do in their second go-round.

Game Info – 7:30 PM TNT

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