Introducing The Hi-Top GreenTeamers – Boston Celtics Season Preview

So anything interesting happen with the Boston Celtics this off season?

I kid. I kid.

Obviously the biggest news in Boston Celtic Land is that we now have a 7-foot Small Forward. Goes by the name Taco Jay:

6-10 mightaswell be 7 feet. Especially since he’s only 19 and still growing.

Listen, let’s get one thing straight here about the Boston Celtics – as Jayson Tatum goes, so goes the Boston Celtics. The Gordon Hayward business sucked all around. Nothing went right and if he can go get $128 million then more power to him. But the fact that some people who shall not be named are complaining that Danny “Deals” Ainge didn’t work out some miraculous sign & trade for LeBron and KD in exchange for Hayward (or whatever in hell they wanted to happened) makes no difference.

Myles Turner? Myles Turner?? We really mad over Myles Turner??? Come on bro!!!!

I’ll take Tristan Thompson. I’ll take Jeff Teague over Wanamaker. Cuz once again for those in the cheap seats it’s all about Jayson Tatum.

Can Tatum become a Capital G GUY and how fast can it happen? That’s really the only thing that matters.

It’s great that Jaylen Brown is progressing from year to year but his ceiling is Tatum’s floor. JB is a nice number 2 and that’s all we need him to be.

Let’s talk Kemba. Am I worried? A little bit. We’re still talking about his knee and that’s no bueno folks. It’s gonna be a load management-stay healthy season and the hope is come playoff time Kemba is 100% healthy, rested and ready to go. There’s nothing to say that a fully healthy Kemba Walker can’t be a force to be reckoned with but only if he’s healthy and right now that’s a big IF.

The NBA is a star league. There’s no “Cinderella-More-Than-the-Sum-of-Their-Parts” championship teams in the NBA. You need a GUY. Is Jayson Tatum a GUY? Until that question is answered disappointing playoff exits will be the norm not the exception. He was already head and shoulders above where anyone thought he’d be at the pint in his young career and now with an added two more inches, well the sky truly is the limit for Taco Jay.

*****Introducing the GreenTeamers********

If there’s one thing this world needs right now it’s a brand spanking new podcast amirite?

Coming soon The GreenTeamers Podcast. A Hi-Top Exclusive Boston Celtics podcast. Details TBA….

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