The 2020 College Football season will go down in the annals of University of Michigan Football for being an embarrassing utterly incompetent mess that also completely screwed The Ohio State University. A Lose-Win situation if ever there was one.

OSU-UM is always the last regular season game for both schools. With this game getting canceled Ohio State stands at 5-0 on the season.

Five games.

Five games is not a season.

Five games leaves the Buckeyes 1 game short of being eligible to play in the Big Ten Championship according to the rules set up at the beginning of their restarted season.


……if you think the Big Ten Commissioners aren’t already planning an elaborate oh-gee-well-what-we-meant-was Press Release declaring OSU eligible to play in the Championship then you must also think the NCAA really is just a “bleeding heart we love these students organization” and not the biggest criminal syndicate on the planet.

There is not one sliver of a chance the Buckeyes aren’t playing in the CFB Playoffs. None. Zero. Even IF the Big Ten did miraculously grow a pair the CFB Playoff Committee or whatever the hell it’s called would STILL put OSU in.

The season has been a mess. A disaster. Kids lives have been put at risk. None of it matters to the Presidents of these schools and the rich old men getting richer and richer by turning kids into unpaid labor.

Ohio State Football is money. And money always wins. 5-0 will be enough. Hell 1-0 would have been enough cuz in the end the only thing that matters is the rich getting theirs.

If there was any justice Coastal Carolina who did everything that Ohio State didn’t would be in their place. But there is no justice. We already know that.

The NCAA is gonna NCAA that we know for sure.

One comment

  1. U of M should have to apologize to Kirk Herbstreit for making him apologize when this is exactly what he said was going to happen. It’s not like he did something like eat sushi off of some naked chicks hoo-ha. That’s unforgivable. But I guess now journalists are punished for journalism, like they did eat sushi off of some naked chicks hey-how-ya-doin…


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