Celebrate Larry Bird Day with Some Vintage Young Larry on Campus

December 7, 1956

It was a snowy morning in southern Indiana. West Baden Springs, a town known for its hot springs, would forever now be known for birthing a God, a Legend, a Bird.

Larry Bird.

Larry Joe is 64 years young today folks. We all know the man, the myth and the legend but there is one aspect of Larry’s game that is still overlooked for the most part.

Young Larry. College Larry. Sure you’ve seen the National Championship game against Magic and Michigan State but Larry was off that day. That one game is no real representation of the true basketball wonder that College Larry, Sycamore Larry, Indiana State Larry was on the basketball court.

Check out the domination vs Wichita State:

Larry was lean. He was taut. He was, dare I say, athletic in Sycamore blue:

And before Young Larry there was Younger Larry. Here in ‘77 that Larry is whirling dervish, a mad man on the court, flinging his body about, his basketball genius bubbling over. He’s frantic, barely in control as he tests the limits of his skills doing anything and everything he can with a basketball.

Young Larry with the rock. Young Larry with the world in the palm of his hands.

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