The Insanity of the College Football Season is on Full Display as BYU Steps in to Take on Coastal Carolina

The 2020 College Football season has been like everything else in 2020 a mismanaged hot mess. Every week sees more and more games cancelled. There’s teams who’ve only played three games being ranked in the same poll as teams who’ve played eight or nine. The number four team in the country has played less than half of the number of games that other top teams have played. And yet through it all the NCAA corporate crime machine show must go on.

Which leads us to this week and quite frankly, with no apologies to Clemson-Notre Dame, the game of the season between the stormin’ Mormons of BYU against America’s Team Coastal Carolina.

This game was not supposed to happen. Literally. This week was scheduled as Liberty, the surprise sex scandal football powerhouse versus everyone’s All-Americans, Coastal Carolina. Except Liberty had a COvid outbreak. Not completely unexpected at a campus who’s main extracurricular activity is wife swapping.

Nevertheless Coastal Carolina still wanted to do what they do best which is sling the ol’ pigskin up and down the gridiron and whoop some ass. They called out for any takers and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir respond with a hymn – 🎶We Will Playyyyy🎶

And thusly we have ourselves a cross continental matchup for the ages.

BYU is 9-0 and have an average margin of victory of 5468.46 points per game. Go ahead and fact check that if you’d like. You’ll see dominants wins over Whatsamatta U and Nobody State. Very impressive stuff. Look it’s not the Cougars fault. They’ve basically had to beg for games since they have no conference opponents. That’s what happens when you head out on your own to mass murder settlers at Mountain Meadows be a independent football program. They’re begging for games and when the opportunity arose to play Coastal Carolina, BYU jumped at the chance. Good on them.

The Chanticleers (it’s a rooster) on the other hand have beaten a Power 5 team, a fellow ranked team and everyone else they’ve lined up against. The Real Deals in Teal are 10 point home dogs at the time of publication despite averaging nearly 40 points a game with a stud at QB and staunch defensive unit as well. No respect I tell ya, no respect!

You know where Hi-Tops money is gonna be this weekend. It took the Lil’ Dogg a few weeks of begging and pleading but Le Cap is finally on the Teal Train. We are all in on the Chanties not just to cover but to win outright. Party at The Atheneum after the game – socially distant and masked of course.

We’re the Chanticleers, tenacious and true.
We’ll fight until the end
For CCU!



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