Hi-Top Top 5 College Hoops Stars to Watch This Season

College Basketball is amazingly, uncomfortably, inconceivably under way and we already have some verified STUDS who have emerged as the Kings of the College hoops land. Let’s met these newest Hi-Top Legends.

Hi-Top Top 5 College Hoops Stars to Watch

5. Darnell Rogers

Number 5 cuz he’s 5-2, get it? Seriously Darnell popped up on the radar mere moments after we released our Ultimate Short Guys list. It’s kismet.

4. Keli Leaupepe

Is it possible for an athlete to be over hyped 2 games onto a season? Yes. Yes it is. Leaupepe went from curiosity (“Look at that hair!!!”) to Legend (“Did you see his hair!!!”) to We’re Still Talking About This Guy (“The Hair!!!!“) in about 1 week flat. But then again have you seen this dude’s hair???????

3. Jalen Johnson

JJ is gonna be a force in the ACC. He’s not your traditional “Duke Guy You Love to Hate” but he’s going to be such a dominant big guy you’ll get sick of him just the same.

2. Remy Martin

The dude’s name is REMY MARTIN!!!!!!!!!

1. Mac McClung

Hi-Top has been on the McClung Train since way back. Mac Attack transferred to Texas Tech from the sinking ship formerly known as Georgetown and the change of scenery is already doing wonders for Big Mac. This dude is pure excitement. Exactly what you want out of College Hoops.

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