Danny “Deals” Ainge Seals the Only One That Matters

Draft picks this, trades that. Hayward S&T, MLEs, free agents, blah blah blah…

Danny Deals just inked the only thing that truly matters to the future of the Boston Celtics:

As Jayson Tatum goes, so goes the next 5 to (hopefully) 15 years of the Boston basketball world. Either Tatum becomes a full fledged GUY and the Celtics have true Championship hopes and dreams or he doesn’t and it’s more of the same as it’s been the last few years.

As noted Basketball Insider, My Friend Marty likes to put it – The NBA is a league where the only teams that can well and truly have a shot at winning a Championship are the ones that are lead by a Capital G GUY – a MJ, a LeBron, a Shaq, a Duncan whoever else you want to name – you know exactly who they are. This isn’t baseball or football where a team can come together and be more than the sum of its parts. Maybe in the past you could but not now, not in today’s NBA. Either your team is lead by a GUY or it’s not.

Now who becomes a GUY, well that’s a whole nother issue. There’s a ton of pretenders, a suitcase full of lowercase g guys who think they are Capital Case and aren’t (see Harden, J., Paul, C., Griffin, B., etc etc). You may get to a Conference Final or even make the Finals with a guy but you ain’t winning the whole shebang with a guy. No. You need a GUY for that.

Is Jayson Tatum a GUY or a guy???? That’s the $195 million question and we are about to find the answer.

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  1. Disagree… to win a title, you need to have the right coach, with the right system, and the right players for that system, who buy in and stay healthy and get lucky… then you will win… most of the time…


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