Jersey Talk – The Boston Celtics Celebrate Their History…Again

The new Boston Celtics “City” Uniforms have finally officially dropped and yet again Nike fails:

Honestly these “Banners” jerseys need to be sent up to the rafters and never seen again.

The problem here is two fold and this time it’s not all Nike’s fault.

One the design stinks. That’s on Nike and is not unexpected. As we at the Hi-Top Fashion Council have bemoaned for what seems like decades now, Nike simply does not know how to design appealing and interesting uniforms.

The second issue has to do with the Boston Celtics specifically and Boston sports teams in general. The City of Boston is shackled to its past “glories” in such a way that the default and only narrative is tradition. Respect the past. Honor the legacy.

Fine great. Awesome. It’s wonderful that Boston teams have storied pasts that can be celebrated. But why does that have to kneecap the very thought of doing ANYTHING new or exciting???????

Every other team in the NBA, even the other long standing “historical” franchises get to play with injecting new and bold ideas, colors, designs in to their uniforms. But not the Celtics. It must be Green & White! Oh sorry excuse me here’s black or gray?!?!?!? or anything else that’s a color in name only but certainly no actual COLOR!!!

Now if you say that the Celtics are Green & White then fine. Those are the colors. So let’s jazz up the design. The idea by Nike here is as plain as day. We get it. Banners. But then you look at the font and it’s a snooze fest. Same with the use of space. It’s blander than bland. You have to look at this jersey and decide the idea was there but the execution stinks so we need a new idea. But that of course did not happen. They went with the easiest, safest most boring idea possible.

And yes we are talking about jerseys here and sure that’s silly but the very fabric (see what I did there) of the matter is embracing the future. Trying something new. Not being beholden to the past alone.

It’s been 12 years since the last title and 22 before that. The banners represent the increasingly distant past of this franchise and if we ever want to add any new banners then revolutionary ideas need to be embraced.

And maybe, just maybe, that can start with the uniform.

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