Boston Celtics Draft Recap – Defending Danny Deals from the HATERS and LOSERS

There’s been a lot of talk around Hi-Top HQ, maybe too much talk, about the Boston Celtics General Manager.

Well he is not a rebel GM.

He is Danny Deals!

The Celtics went into last nights draft with 4 picks. They came away with 3 players and 2 future picks.

Last time I checked 3+2=5 and 5>4!

Danny Deals wins again!

That’s how you do a draft folks.

Now listen for all the George Costanza’s here at Hi-Top who have a great trade where the Celtics get Giannis and LeBron, listen up – it ain’t happening.

Everyone is yelling “TRADE TRADE TRADE!!!!”

What trade????? You really mad bro that the Celtics didn’t trade for Jrue Holiday???? Really bro?????

There’s no trades to be made!!! This was not a draft with a Capital G GUY. No LeBron type. No Durant type. Hell if there’s a guy in this draft that will be a multiple time All-Star I’ll eat my shorts.

The Celtics were stuck at 14. There was no moving and what were you even wanting to move up for???

They got the undisputed BEST SHOOTER in the draft. The league is all about shooting. Just look at what the Miami Heat did with an undrafted goof ball in Duncan Robinson.

Aaron “Doctor” Nesmith is unlike Robinson a fully complete basketball player who just so happens to shoot the lights out.

A huge gaping hole in last season’s team was a floor spacing shooter. That hole is potentially filled and then some.

Now of course these things are always a crap shoot. Yes Nesmith has a bad foot. So did Steph Curry! Nesmith could also be James White Part II.

You don’t know until you know. But for all the HATERS AND LOSERS screaming that Danny Deals should have “MADE A TRADE!” I again ask, “What trade???” For who????”

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