Draft Day – Danny “Deals” Ainge says Take a Look at Me Now

Against all odds it’s finally here. The NBA Draft is set to commence tonight and the Boston Celtics have the one thing everyone else wants – a GM who gets things done. His momma named him Daniel but to Hi-Top Nation he’s Danny Deals.

Somethings in the air tonight and it’s gonna rain down picks cuz the Celtics have a boat load of ‘em. 4 overall and 3 in the First Round to be specific.

But Danny Deals is no easy lover. And beside you can’t hurry picks. You just have to wait. Picks don’t come easy. It’s a game of give and take. You take what you can get. Danny Deals knows this. The Celtics are also in the midst of a ssuserious situation with Gordon Hayward. Will Gordo and Boston soon lead separate lives? Give me one more night. One more night and we will know.

Do you remember draft night 2017? Danny Deals had the invisible touch that night.

Well tonight tonight tonight will it be a land of confusion or another day in paradise?

With 4 picks and a superstar on the brink is Danny Deals in too deep? All I know is that at face value there is no one else I’d rather see take us home.

Alas we wait and we wonder…

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