Jersey Talk – Nike SUCKS at uniforms as evidenced by these NHL Stunners from Adidas

It’s the most wonderful time of year folks – Jersey Season. New kits are getting release every second and we here at the Hi-Top Fashion Council are giving you the straight Dope or Nope.

It’s real talk only. Facts is facts and right now the fact is that the NHL and Adidas are whooping up on that NBA and Nike ass.

Just look at these beauties:

Simply stunning.

The “concept” behind these looks is something called ReverseRetro which I guess means the color palette of some classic unis is being reversed. Whatever it is, it works.

I’d say the NBA needs to take some notes but really it’s Nike. For decades now, across sports from soccer to basketball to the plethora of College teams Nike outfits only one thing has wrung true – whoever Nike gets to make uniform designs is HORRIBLE at their job. Every single time Nike takes over a team’s apparel their uniform is downgraded by 1000%.

I’ve killed Nike on this front time and again so let’s instead heap some praise on Adidas for picking a coherent theme and executing it flawlessly.

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