Hi-Top Golf – Masters Day 2 – Revenge of the Mudballs

According to legend there is one word that it’s absolutely verboten (yeah verboten!) to say at Augusta National.

The dread M word.

But we here at Hi-Top frankly don’t give a damn. We will say what we please.


Mudball! Mudball! Mudball!

This one is true blue facts folks. The announcers on the telecast are not allowed to say the word “mudball”. Even if there is an actual instance of mud on a golf ball they must not call it a mudball.

And that is why the Masters is the Masters. They pay attention to the details.

And very much like a mudball Round 1 at Augusta was very un-Masters like. The course was set up exceedingly player friendly and the scores show it.

Will Round 2 be more of the same? Well first we have to finish Round 1. There’s still quite a few heavy hitters with holes left to play and it would be surprising if multiple players don’t catch and pass Paul Casey at -7.

Then we will see if Round 2 is a more challenging loop.

Follow along @HiTopAthletics on the ol’ Tweeter machine for updates and laughs all weekend long.

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