Hi-Top Golf – Masters Day 1 Recap – Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all

There’s just something about Tiger Woods and Augusta National Golf Course. The man could give up the game cold turkey for a decade and I have no doubt he could pick up his clubs for the first time at Augusta and destroy the place.

And yes he’s currently 3 back at T5 with a half dozen other people and that’s not even counting the guys who still have to finish their rounds. But the big takeaway regarding the Big Dog Cat is that he looks goood. Healthy good. Smooth swinging good. And most important putting good. It’s a long tournament that’s gonna probably run an extra day but the Round 1 is down and it was real and it was spectacular.

At the top of the leader board we have two guys who were the popular pick of the weekend – Webb Simpson and Xander Schauffele and one guy no one picked – Paul Casey.

And right with them is the enigma himself Justin Thomas and he still has 7 holes left to play. We know JT has the game for Augusta, the question is can he keep it together for four rounds.

What about Bryson you ask?

Now that was a wild ride. Mr. DeChambeau was left right up down and all over the course and still managed to somehow card a 2 Under 70. No idea how he managed that cuz his drives were not good. His chips were worse. And his irons barely any better. For Bryson to play this bad and still windup at -2 has to send shivers through the rest of the field. If The Professor can get his equations in line tomorrow watch out cuz he could start putting up serious numbers.

Next up Day 2 which is still technically Day 1 for a good number of players. Weather looks like it should cooperate and hopefully we can get everyone honors even by the end of Friday. Gonna be a long day for the guys who have to finish up their opening rounds. We shall see how they and the course hold up.

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