Hi-Top Golf – Masters Day 1 – Bubba Fleetsy and the Wolff

Pour yourself a nice cold Transfusion, take a bite of some pimento cheese and sit back and digging into to Day 1 at Augusta National. The time is now folks. Only 7 months late and one Hurricane deep.

Day 1 will be wild. The Lil’ Dogg just fired up the ol’ Weather Bug app (the ONLY place to get the REAL scoop on the weather) and it says FLASH FLOOD warnings for the morning in Augusta. Compare that with only 20% chance of rain in the afternoon and we could see some serious “tee time specific” scoring on the leaderboard.

A lot of the big names go off later in the morning but two superstars (and the two guys getting all the ink so far this week) go off prior to 8 AM – Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau.

Will their rounds get swept away by gale force winds? We shall see.

This is particularly of note for The Professor and his plans to hit ‘em high & long. Can’t really do that when the wind is gusting 25 mph back in your face.

The Hi-Top Special Group of the Day is certainly the trio of Bubba, Fleetsy and the Wolff – which sounds like an outlaw country band from the 70s and this pup loves it. A lot people are less than enamored with Bubba Watson but even if you hate the guy you have to admit that big looping left handed swing is fun to watch. Fleetwood and Wolff are of course perfect humans and great golfers too. No bias I swear. Hi-Top prediction – Fleetsy and the Wolff shot matching -10 rounds then proceed to walk hand in hand the rest of the tournament to an eventual co-champion finish where they both get Green Jackets. Hey one can dream right?

Honestly tho Day 1 is going to be a lot about the luck of the draw in regards to the weather. Who ever gets the best 4 hour window of wind and rain is going to have the decided advantage.

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