Hi-Top Golf – Masters Week – Did Long Jon Rahm Peak Too Soon?

Jon Rahm is having himself one helluva week in Augusta and the Tournament hasn’t even started yet.

Yes that’s his second consecutive Ace in as many days and on his birthday to boot.

Sounds great, right? He’s really rounding in to form.

Hell! No!

Jon Rahm is peaking way too soon.

Listen folks it’s a scientific fact that a person only has a finite amount of great golf shots in them each week. And Rahm just used up two of them before the real match has even begun. This does not bode well for Long John’s prospects for the rest of the week.

Rahm had an epic blowup at last year’s Masters.

Chasing Tiger will do that to a guy.

I’m sure these two Aces will have Rahm feeling like a million bucks but for a pro golfer a million bucks won’t even fill up the private jet.

Jon Rahm is HARD NO this year folks. The ghosts of last year can’t be erased by a couple of practice round shots. It’s a whole nother ballgame once it’s for real. The worst thing that could have happened to Rahm is for his confidence to be sky high two days before the Opening Round. If there was ever a guy that needed to come in to The Masters humbled it was Long Jon. Over confidence will not be the hot blooded Spaniards friend.

Take it from your friendly neighborhood pup, Jon Rahm used up all his good luck too soon. Maybe next year Long Jon, maybe next year.

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