Jersey Talk – These New NBA Jerseys are…Not Great Bob

New 2020 jerseys for the upcoming NBA Season are starting to leak all over the place like Trump in a Russian Hotel and the the Lil Dogg has to say they are…

Let’s take a looky-look at the offerings so far:

Yeah that’s uglier than a Ben Simmons jumper.

Don’t worry. It gets worse.

The Kings say “hey Ben hold my 🍺”:

Orlando checking in to say, “You think that’s bad? Well get a load of this”:

“Hey over here, our jersey is terrible and it’s a rerun”:

“Ours too!”:

So are there any good looking new NBA jerseys?

Well these Bulls thread aren’t terrible but they’re also not anything to do with Chicago or the Bulls so:

Also “No Little Plans” is just weird so I take that back. No so far there are no good new NBA jerseys but I’ll keep ya posted cuz ya know Jersey Talk never sleeps.

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