Hi-Top Golf – Masters Week – The Wolffman’s Got Nards!

Bryson. Bryson. Bryson.

The 2020 Masters has turned into the Bryson Show. Do you think Bryson will drive the green on 1? Did you hear he hit wedge into 9 and 10? He was on in two at the Par 5 15th with a 9 Iron!!!!!!

And sure that’s all well and good but there’s another fella who hits the ball real long with a lot less of the fanfare and he goes by the name of Wolff. Matthew Wolff.

Reupping this classic cuz it never got the love it deserved. The Lil’ Dogg should get an Oscar for this:

Yes. Everybody loves the Wolff.

The Wolff Man is coming into the Masters hot! Major Championship hot. He nabbed a T4 at the PGA (which technically yes IS a Major even if no one cares about it) and a Second behind you know who at the US Open in September. Not too shabby for a 21 year old glorified rookie.

The Wolff Man shows up when it counts is what I’m saying. And no one seems to respect it. Right now Wolff is sitting at +3300 to win. That’s behind Webb Simpson and Tyrell Hatton!!!!!

Put some respect on the Wolff Man’s name please!!!!

They say rookies can’t walk into Augusta and do damage in their first go round. Well they also said the Wolfman didn’t have nards and we all know how that worked out.

Well this Wolffman has nards. Big nards. And he’s gonna swing ‘em all up and down Augusta National.

Just you watch.

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