Hi-Top Golf – Masters Week – Man vs Nature

If you don’t have chills after that than I don’t wanna know ya.

It’s Masters Week baby. Let’s Gooooooooo!!!!!

Are things going to be different? Yeah no duh. It’s November, there’s no crowds patrons, and Bryson is attempting to do this:

Yes we have to talk about Bryson.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that he’s pretty much the only interesting thing happening in golf right now. You may think he’s crazy but all he wants is more yards off the tee. We have shades of Tiger in 97 here folks and that alone is worth tuning in for. The whispers coming out of Augusta, GA are saying that the Professor is planing some INSANE lines off the tee in an attempt to “hack” the course.

What we are looking at is a classic case of Man vs Nature (augmented by Man of course).

Augusta National is a course that requires precision, the perfect shot at the perfect moment. Or does it? Raw power from Tiger Woods destroyed the course in 97. Man defeated Nature on that occasion so Nature responded (with the help of Man) to make the course “Tiger Proof”. And the tinkering really has never stopped since. Trees have been moved. Roads have relocated. Mounds and mounds of earth have been added to increase the distances of holes.

But even at the peak of his powers Tiger was never approaching the distances Bryson is flirting with. I’m not talking about golf shots, or performance or any other measure in which Bryson can’t even sniff Tigers jock at. No. I’m purely speaking on yardage.

Bryson is attempting to hit a golf ball higher and farther than anyone has ever done on the PGA Tour. That’s his goal. For all his talk of scientific innovation the formula Bryson is truly chasing is really quite simple:

A + A = W where A is yards and W is wins.

There’s two potential outcomes here and both are spectacular. Either Bryson succeeds and we get to watch a historical four days of golf that drive all the “purists” nuts or Bryson fails in the most epic fashion possible, it all goes terribly wrong and the world gets to watch Bryson turn into a puddle of weeping muscles.

Give me either just don’t give me boring.

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