Savez-vous Le Punk de Francais? “Hey Dudes are you Ready to” talk about tunes? The Five Years to Late Hi-Top Top 5 Best New Punk Jams

It’s safe to say the Lil’ Dogg has been checked out on “new music” for the last 10 years or so. And believe you me back in the day this pup was the Tarintino of the obscure music scene. There wasn’t a band too “indie” for this pup to find out about first then hate when they got popular. But now older and wiser I finally realized none of that hip record collector BS matters and enjoying what you enjoy is the fastest route to true happiness. And right now the Lil’ Dogg is enjoying the hell out of French Pop Punk.

As I wrote a while back there is an excellent French Midwest Emo Punk band called Sport who write spastic tunes titled after obscure sporting events and athletes. They kick way more ass then anyone who grew up in Lyon, France has any right too. Instead of sipping coffee and wearing berets these dude shred guitars and throats.

And as it turns out there’s not just one but actually TWO great French Pop Punk Bands. The other being the equally insanely named Chunk! No Captain Chunk!

Yes really.

And along with Sport, the guys in Chunk! have also been making records for around 5 or 6 years now. If you enjoy any style of punk or Emo there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find a CNCC song to rock out to because their songs (often within the same song) ping pong from screamo to Disney punk to hardcore to easycore and anything and everything in between.

I’d say there’s gotta be something in the “eau” across the pond that has these French kids not just imitating the glory years of Emo but taking The Genre to whole new levels but as it turns out good things are happening in the American Punk Scene as well. A few recent YouTube rabbit hole sessions have lead to discovery of a host of new(ish) punk jams. So five years late (would be a great punk band name btw) here’s

Hi-Top Top 5 Best New Punk Jams

5. Moose Blood “Gum”

Technically I believe these guys are from England but they rock so I’ll allow it.

4. Can’t Swim “Your Clothes”

Can’t Swim have a few albums out and they are all pretty reliably great.

3. Belmont “Albert”

I’ve written about Belmont before, specifically this song:

And while “Overstepping” is still undoubtedly their best song they’vegot lots of jams and continue to put out quality releases.

2. Chunk! No Captain Chunk! “City of Light”

1. Chunk! No Captain Chunk! “In Friends We Trust”

“Hey Dudes, are we ready to…” just might be the greatest opening line in the history of Music. That being said there’s something about a group of kids growing up in France and learning English just so they can write pop punk tunes cuz everybody else in France is listening to techno and they just end up using the word “Dude” a lot that just has a certain perfect je ne sais quoi.

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