Shortly After I Suggest Trading Gilmore, his House Goes on Market 🤔

The 5th Rated morning show in the city, The Greg Hill Show on WEEI, dropped a BOMBSHELL this morning, to their over 9 THOUSAND twitter followers today:

So, Stephon Gilmore’s house is listed, under market value, and it turns out he’s looking for offers quick. Like, real quick.

As you probably know, the prospect of the Patriots trading Gilmore has been discussed by all the Patriots “reporters” and shit-rakers around these parts the last week or two. Other than a strange moment in a 98.5 interview where he flushed a toilet on Adam Jones, there was really no response from Gilmore. UNTIL NOW.

Last night, I published my take on the Patriots, basically an obituary for the Patriots’ Dynasty. In which I called for the trade of the reigning DPOY, for basically whatever they could get, by the trade deadline next week. And all of a sudden, Steph has listed his house, and is demanding that offers are delivered ONE HOUR AFTER THE TRADE DEADLINE.

Is this coincidental, or did my blog put him over the edge? Not Trollin’ Volin? Not whatever temp is covering the team for the Herald? Is he one of the thousands who visit HTTA? The timing would clearly indicate this is the case.

Either way, it looks like this is the end of the road for Gilmore in New England. It was a great signing and a great time here. And we wish him the best of luck in the twilight of his career.

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