Ladies and Gentlemen…welcome to Title Town, USA

No, no, no, we’re no longer talking about Boston. We’re talking about the City of Angels, Tinseltown, Double Dubuque, La-La Land….we’re talking Los Angeles. I LOVE IT

With the Dodgers World Series last night, LA teams have won the last two major sports titles, and are poised to continue the winning trajectory into the future. It also caps off quite an impressive run for The Big Orange. Looking back, since 2009, it’s hard to find a city with more success than good old El Pueblo in the 5 Major American Sports Leagues:

By the way, before you argue about MLS being included, the titles are still 6-6 over the span without the MLS

We’ve had a good run in Boston, but we need to acknowledge, we ain’t top of the heap anymore. As a city, we’re still right up there, but Boston teams are certainly on the clock. And it’s going to be tough to make up ground.

In Boston, the closest team to a title is arguably the Celtics. But, the Lakers are the defending champs, and have two of the top 5-10 players in the Game, while the Clippers have two guys who many consider to be top 10 players. At this point, the Celtics have zero. And let’s face it, even at 90-something, Jack Nicholson is undoubtedly cooler than the Wahlberg’s.

Football? You taking the Patriots over the Rams right now? I think not. Maybe when they find a QB, but certainly not now.

The Dodgers just won the WS with the Sox best player of the last decade, and the city of LA boasts the two best players in baseball PLUS the 2019 NL MVP, while the Sox have the 4th overall pick….and payroll flexibility of course.

On the pitch, the Revolution are universally known as the WORST franchise and owners in the league, and while Bruce Arena is arguably the only entertaining personality in the history of American soccer (Alexi Lalas is a tool), the Galaxy have the most titles in league history and draw 50% more fans than the Revs. Slam dunk for LA.

I guess we can cite the Bruins as a bright spot her. Their window is clearly closing, and I have have absolutely no clue about the status of the Kings franchise…but i don’t believe Gretzky is still a factor. Let’s be generous, and chalk this one up for Boston.

So how is Boston going to get back on top? What if they don’t?

Frankly, I don’t think it matters. The last 20 or so years have been unparalleled as far as success across multiple sports teams. Just enjoy that it happened, and be gracious losers now that it’s passed. And join me in congratulating the New TITLETOWN, USA…. Los Angeles, CA. Congrats you fake bastards.

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