Partiots’ Dynasty Celebration of Life. Sunday, November 1st, 1-4 PM #RIPIP

Hey Bill, we’ll see you again…this side or the other

Grief is one of the most complex and profound emotions humans are touched by. “Emotion” isn’t even an adequate word. It’s a complete mental and physical experience, that brings with it a cavalcade of emotions. Anguish may give way to relief, sadness often to laughter, and anger ultimately might lead to peace. But there is no formula, no predictive equation for how any individual will respond to grief. Well all grieve differently. Intellectually, we all know this, but it’s hard to keep in perspective as we go through tough times.

I bring this up to you now because, as Patriots’ fans, we need to prepare ourselves for what we’ve held in denial for years now. The team we learned to know and love is no more. And this Sunday, in Buffalo, the Dynasty is officially, OVAH.

Try to look at the bright side, though. We get to say goodbye on our terms, and remember all of the good times.

  • We can reflect fondly on 6 Championships, as we realize  they aren’t in contention for one.
  • We can admire 20 years of divisional dominance, as we watch Buffalo basically clinch an AFC East Title in week 8.
  • If you haven’t already, you can say goodbye to the ghost of Julian Edelman, who still gets some snaps at WR.
  • And we can reminisce about Tom Brady, while we wonder whether Newton or Stidham will be in mop up duty on Sunday.

This may all seem bleak or depressing, but don’t despair. There is some room for hope. With guys like budding superstar JC Jackson, emerging force Chase Winovich, and the unpolished Byron Cowart (who was the top DL recruit out of high school), as well as the investments made in this years’ draft, the Patriots have the makings of a solid young defense.

The do need to address the elephant in the room…they fucked up the QB thing, and they need one. Nobody on the roster is the answer. The best way to get one is via the draft. Their pick should be decent, but they’ll need more draft capital. Luckily for Bill….

…they also have a few assets to unload, with another week-plus until the trade deadline. If I’m them, I’m looking to unload Thuney and Gilmore for premium picks. I don’t think you’re getting a 1st for either, but you can get something to help you reload. Basically, anything that doesn’t help you next year and beyond…should be shipped out.

There is no reason this needs to be the end for the Patriots. But, you need to face it, it IS the end for the Patriots you have grown to know. Brace yourselves for it, and say goodbye the right way.

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