Today is the Day Dreams Come True

Long time members of Hi-Top Nation know that the Lil’ Dogg is a man of vision!

I have seen the future folks, the future of SPORT, that is, and the future flies high and spins fast and it is oh so glorious to be hold.

The future of SPORT is Ultimate Frisbee!

We have been down this road before so I won’t rehash why Ultimate Frisbee is awesome just trust that it is.

And now Hi-Top can finally put its money where it’s mouth has been:

That’s right folks, the Lil’ Dogg is investing the Hi-Top Fortune in Professional Ultimate Frisbee.

Let’s Gooooooooo!

Now obviously the first order of business at the League Owners meeting will be to finally get these guys to change the league name from the unwieldy AUDL to the succinct and to the point UFA and then of course follow my 5 Step Plan for Sport Domination .

Ultimate Frisbee is the future. Get on board the ‘bee train. Choo choo.

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