A Definitive List of Every LA Dodger Who Screwed Up the Last Play of Game 4

So the ending of Game 4 of the World Series was WILD:

On the looks of it, the instant reaction is going to place blame on Dodgers Centerfielder Chris Taylor and Catcher Will Smith, who each took Officially Scored Errors on the play.

Hi-Top does not do “instant reactions” or “hot takes” if you will. No. We do in depth nuanced reporting that breaks down the minutia, the finer points, the well researched analysis that so many other outlets do not bother to do. And thus, you the reader, get treated to:

Hi-Top’s Definitive List of Every Dodger That Screwed Up the Final Play of Game 4

Dave Roberts

Ol’ Coachey Ballgame thought he was “playing the percentages” by moving Chris Taylor from Left Field to Center. How’d that work out? Let’s take a quick look back at Great Moments in World Series Fielding Switches –

Bill Buckner in at First Base – not so great

Chris Taylor to Center – not so great

Chris Taylor


You know when the Sport Announcer spouts off that cliche about “Show that play to your 9 year old when they want to learn how to properly ____”

Well the last play of Game 4 was the exact opposite of that cuz not one Dodger remembered the fundamentals of baseball.

Let’s start with Chris Taylor who goes at this line drive with a terrible angle, never gets his body square to the ball and boots it ten feet to his left.

Will Smith

What is you doinnnn’ Will Smith?????? Uncle Phil is not gonna be happy!!!! Seriously tho why is Smith executing a ridiculous swipe tag when the runner is on the ground ten feet up the Third Base Line?????

The dude fell:

I know that might be the catchers instinct to swipe but you gotta secure the ball.

Kenley Jansen

Here’s a handy little visual to explain this one:

The Only Dodger to Actually Do His Job Correctly

Max Muncy

Muncy executed the perfect First Baseman’s cut off here and delivered a strike to home for what should have been a guaranteed out.

Congrats to Max Muncy for being the only LA Dodger to remember his Little League fundamentals during the defining play of a World Series game.

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