Point-Counter Point – I WANT MY DAMN “I Voted” STICKER!!!!!

The true beauty of Hi-Top is that while Le Cap and the Lil’ Dogg may be on the same team there are certain issue in which we disagree VEHEMENTLY!!!

If the case of the “I Voted” sticker is the Hatfields v McCoys of Hi-Top then call the Lil’ Dogg Pup McCoy cuz I am #TeamSticker all the way.

The Lil’ Dogg is all about the small moments of joy in life. The majesty of a Fernando Tatis Jr bat flip or A sublime guitar solo. These tiny moments are what make life worth living.

On the flip side. It’s well documented that Le Cap hates fun.

Stickers are fun!

Who doesn’t love a sticker? And honestly that bit in the Globe article about adults getting Pilot’s wings on planes sounds wonderful. Getting on an airplane is basically the modern version of getting tossed in the old Roman lion’s pit. Going to the airport and getting herded onto a plane like a ten cent cow is the absolute worst. The least they could do is give everyone some plastic wings.

But let’s get back to the “I Voted” sticker. Voting is important. Extremely important in 2020. Like Cap said we try to stay out of politics here but honestly this one is bigger than “politics”. So if a sticker makes people happy and more inclined to vote then give the people stickers.

Walking around on Voting Day with the sticker on your chest is a simple thing that makes a lot of people happy. Someone should have had the foresight to drop a sticker into each absentee ballet. Someone was already stuffing the envelopes anyway so what’s the harm in adding one little sticker.

I’ll admit I was bummed when I realized that by voting by mail I wouldn’t get to wear a sticker on November 3.

Is that stupid?


But so is life itself in 2020 and if a sticker brings a smile to my or someone else’s face then let them have stickers. Better than cake, right France?

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