Hi-Top Top 50 Greatest Tom Petty Songs Countdown #30-21

Even the losers will have to admit that we are breaking down barriers as we get into the Top 30. I need to know. You need to know. We all need to know. So here comes my list.

Hi-Top Top 50 Greatest Tom Petty Songs

30. You Got Lucky

Ohhh little bit of controversy here as a Greatest Hits tune lands at the 30 spot. Listen “You Got Lucky” is still a magnificent jam but of all the songs that got included on Greatest Hits I think this one would easily get bumped by a few of Petty’s 90’s Hits. The video for the song far out paces the tune itself as Petty in the top hat was an iconic image from the 80s.

29. Leave Virginia Alone

“Leave Virginia Alone” was a Petty Song originally left off of Wildflowers and given to Rod Stewart to record. The Petty version is finally seeing the light on the new expanded Wildflowers reissue and its a stunner.

28. Magnolia

This one could have easily been a hit single.

27. The Wild One, Forever

The definition of a lost classic. This song is stunning and it NEVER gets mentioned. Unreal.

26. Wake Up Time

The closing track on Wildflowers is this epic piano ballad with Petty reflecting back on life. The list of musicians who can do soft and loud and not only do it but be some of the best to ever do it, it’s a short list and Petty is near the top.

25. No Second Thoughts

Off the often forgotten You’re Gonna Get It! album this slow jam cooks. Petty’s vocals on another level on this one.

24. California (Home Demo)

The version on She’s the One is a throwaway but then you listen to the same song with just Petty’s voice and a guitar and you’re left speechless.

23. Time to Move On

Just a beautiful song. Sometimes it’s that simple.

22. I Need to Know

21. Listen to Her Heart

These two are absolute jams and rightfully placed on Greatest Hits. It’s just a testament to Petty that they can’t crack the Top 20. The dudes catalog is just that deep.

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