Hi-Top Top 50 Greatest Tom Petty Songs Countdown #40-31

Listen folks, the Lil’ Dogg won’t back down when it comes to running down the dream of listing the best 50 Tom Petty songs. Yes the waiting is the hardest part but you got lucky today cuz we’re getting into the top 40.

Hi-Top Top 50 Greatest Tom Petty Songs

40. Angel Dream

There’s two versions of “Angel Dream” on the She’s the One soundtrack. Give me the no frills acoustic all day.

39. One Story Town

Just a classic Petty rave-up rocket. Quintessential early 80s Heartbreakers.

38. Straight Into Darkness

Sidekick Mike Campbell really steals the show on this jam. Campbell was a Mudcrutch original who was always by Petty’s side on pretty much anything Tom did in or out of the Heartbreakers. An exceptional guitarist and songwriter in his own right Campbell is the secret sauce of the Heartbreakers for sure.

37. Deliver Me

Another underrated gem from Long After Dark this jam is fueled by the understated virtuosity of keyboard player Benmont Tench. His organ is like a fingerprint on a Heartbreakers tune, instantly recognizable and utterly distinct.

36. Rebels

Southern Accents has its own place in the Petty discography. It just feels slightly askew of everything else. There’s something about Tom’s vocals in “Rebels” that really raises the tune up a level.

35. Insider

A Petty-Nicks full album should have happened. Their voices just blend beautifully.

34. A Thing About You

Just another classic Heartbreaker rocker.

33. A Woman in Love

Sometimes you need to slow things down a bit. Tom understood that.

32. A Face in the Crowd

This one gets lost in the shuffle a bit amidst all the other Full Moon Fever hits.

31. Alright for Now

Tom was a rock n roller through and through but man was his acoustic side just achingly beautiful. This one is just a little treasure of a song.

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