The Boston Red Sox Have Something Better Than a Trip to the World Series

First of all, give me a Right Fielder who keeps his feet on the ground. Mookie Betts is out there like he’s on a pogo stick:

Playing outfield like that is gonna get you one place and one place fast – injured! You ain’t in House of Pain so stop jumping around!

Secondly, sure the LA Dodgers may be headed to the World Series but do you know where they are drafting in the 2021 – DEAD LAST!!!

How do you expect to build a winning organization drafting in a terrible spot like last pick of each round???? All that shows is an incredible lack of fore thought, zero planning for the future and a “win now” attitude that’s resulted in nothing but 3 trips to the World Series in the last four years. Zero rings tho, amirite!!!!!

Let’s take the Boston Red Sox on the other hand.

4th pick in the draft babyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

That’s the cleanup spot. Right where you want to be. With a whole lotta luck, an incredible amount of hard work and all the right breaks that #4 pick just might be a player…in 5 to 6 years. And I’m talking about a guy that wins awards, makes big plays, a perennial All-Star type. And those are the guys you want. Those are the guys you keep. And if you play your cards right and do some real heavy duty pre-draft analysis you just might find a “Pillar of the Community” type, a real stand-up guy that kids will want to emulate, a “Face of the Franchise” player.

That’s what it’s all about right?

And the Boston Red Sox have put themselves in the perfect position to get that guy.

Let’s just hope he’s half as good as Mookie Betts.

Wouldn’t that be something?

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